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The Website of Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA intends to facilitate the access and use to as many users as possible, regardless their characteristics and conditions (capabilities, limitations, hardware, software, communications…) with the aims of offering its contents in a general way, taking into account potential users handicaps or disabilities (phisical, intellectual or technical) or use context (tecnological and environmental conditions).

With this aim, the web site has been designed and developed taking into account any measure and criteria to facilitate to the users the right access to the information and services.


Web Accesibility

The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) offers the regulations arising from the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) regarding to accessibility and good practices aimed at ensuring accessibility to the web contents, taking into account the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and 2.0 ATAG (Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines):

  • WAI-AA and WCAG 2.0

The website Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA achieves the accessibility level WAI-AA and WCAG 2.0.

For more information on the mentioned accessibility regulations, please visit

  • CSS

The design complies with the recommendations of W3C on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), in such a way that, if the if the browser being used does not support stylesheets you can still browse through the page with no display problems.


Web Usability

The usability concept is based on a design focused on a contents structure considering the main needs of users and enabling them to do the different available tasks with efficacy, efficiency, quickly, simplicity and satisfaction.

With this aim, a real navigation test has been performed to gathered feedback of users.


Usability and Accesibility measures

  • Logical and standarized order of the presentation of elements on the screen.
  • Simplified navigation system, easy to use and learn, and giving priority to contents over design.
  • Navigation, design and visual structure coherent and consistent in the whole website.
  • Content search form available.
  • Link route identification with "Breadcrumb" (i.e. "Home >> Services").
  • Descriptive text for the images.
  • Tab key browse.
  • Optimal adaptation to different screen resolutions.
  • Programming suited for capturing the relative font size.
  • Compatibility with the most browsers and platforms.


Change the text size

It is possible to increase or reducing the standard texts size through:

  • The keyboard using:
      • Ctrl + "+" to increase.
      • Ctrl + "-" to reduce.
  • Your browser menu (i.e. “See >> Text size”).


Occurrence reporting

In any case, in order to guarantee the Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA Website quality, you can communicate any accessibility problem or occurrence through this contact:

Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA

Ctra. de Arquillos, 48. 23240, Navas de San Juan, Jaén.



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