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Collado Caza

    Dear huntsmen,

Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZACollado Caza welcomes you to its house in Internet. Collado Caza, a company in Navas de San Juan, province of Jaén, provides services for hunting: organization of hunting and stalking events, as well as other issues related to the hunting world.

Our company stands out for satisfying the requests of huntsmen and huntswomen with the higher level of quality, seriousness and dedication. These are our best guarantee today, with the aim of making hunting an art and maintaining its characteristic traditions and, at the same time, meeting the expectations deserved by each huntsman.

With a lot of hours working in the field and a wide experienced staff, Collado Caza has the privilege of hunting in high quality and prestigious states and this will allow you to feel like great huntsmen, disconnecting from the daily routine and enjoying the air of our hills and high level hunting days with friends.

Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA

Collado Caza offers you a wide range of hunting bags: deer, fallow deer, mouflons, and wild boars, including females, to allow you to enjoy and remember forever the experience.

We describe seriously and honestly the actual possibilities of each shut and this is what marks us out from other hunting organizations and what has allow us to gain your confidence and to carry on growing.


We are at your disposal and wish you a good hunting…

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