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According to manuscripts from the XIV century, we know that the "montería" has been the flagship hunting style in Spain. Today, our montería is unique in the world.

Choosing the "manchas" (hill areas) where hunting, the hunting data, the number and location of hunting stations, how to lead hunters to their positions, the number of rehalas (pack of hounds)... are some of the elements which it is necessary to know and manage for a good hunting.

Monteria | Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA

Collado Caza takes on, with quality and guarantee, all issues related to the organization of the monterías, drives and "ganchos" in order to ensure not only the best results in the hunting, but also the possibility of enjoying the traditional style of the Spanish montería and spend an unforgettable day.

Collado Caza puts at disposal of monteros a selected range of hunting states and a wide series of services carried out clearly and seriously to enjoys this hunting modality.

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