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This is a hunting modality played all over the world, consisting in looking for an animal, stalking it and realizing a stealthy approach to hunt it.

Collado Caza knows that the stalking is one of the more authentic and sportive hunting modalities, preferred by a great number of hunters because of the best possibilities for the animal to scape and the major effort by the hunter to get a good prey.

Stalking | Servicios Cinegéticos COLLADO CAZA

We find that respecting and protecting this idea is key to guarantee that the stalking hunting will maintain its essence.

According to this principle, our large experience allows us to customize each stalking event depending on the preferences and possibilities of each hunter, taking into account his needs and with the aim of guaranteeing the "monteros" full satisfaction in splendid states.

Collado Caza puts at your disposal a wide range of stalking activities: deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflons and wild boars.

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